OEM & ODM One-Stop Service / Manufacture soap under your brand

We are completed soap production service to meet the needs of customers who they want to have their own brand with a 100% standardized production process

Research and Development   
Services with recipe formula analysis and develop soap products according to your
enough budget need.
You able to specify and control with colorful, smell, soap
texture, aroma and costing according to your
needs. You have creative a
distinctive and differentiated product specification as well. For customerswho
do not have their own formulas. We do use the standard formula of our factory
and able to adjustment 
the colorful, smell, soap texture to
increase prominence and various different.


    Packaging and Labelling Services

We offer variety services of packaging, logo, labelling and mass media production.
We also provide PR services to expand your marketing network as you desire with our highly rated professional design team and sophisticated printing technology equipment to ensure customers satisfaction.


Product Registration (Thai FDA) Service   

We offer service a wide range of products registration (Thai FDA) as required by Health Ministry of Thailand in order to ensure products meet standard requirements, safe and legally to be sold in the market



   Halal Certified Registration Service

We also have offer Halal Certified registration with The Central Islamic Council of Thailand in order to serve the national and international Muslim communities in meeting their religion compliance. 

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