About Us

VS 09 Original Herb Co.,Ltd.

has been starting business since since
2009 till to present and We are focusing on the production and
distribution of herbal soap brand "VIPADA" by using natural 
extracts with the best quality and standardize of manufacturer.
Currently, there are more than 100 kins herbal soap products
type and also continuously increase for new herbal soap with
many formulas with our team R&D.

OEM & ODM One-Stop Service

We completely production soap system for the customers needs
and responses to customer requirement for their own brand
with a 100% standardized production process.

Ms. Sinpathu Hanvarkij
CEO of VS 09 Original Herb Co.,Ltd. said that, We are manufacturer and distributor of herbal soap brand “VIPADA" to serve with the customer needs and focusing on quality development and production standard as well and including to expanding distribution channels "Vipada Soap" to new generation customers who’s need to care on skin health. Currently, we has been developed as an alternative for consumers in particularly for groups of health care skin. As a result of herbal soaps more diverse needs. Notice from both the large entrepreneurs and SME business have turned his attention to developing healthy soap products into market.

However, VIPADA soap has still continue developing new products to the customers need and including strategy to R&D initiate product in trend. In additions to, we also have emphasizes of marketing plan development such as marketing communication, advertising through channels that can reach new consumers. As well as continuously increasing distribution sales channels much more than selling through wholesalers and retailers so far.

Nowaday, We have developed new expansion channels in Hypermarket such as, Supermarket and Convenience stores nationwide. We can get and reach to new target groups and able to an advantage from competitors in the market. The key factors that make VIPADA herbal soap is still continue gaining popularity with customers all the time because we do maintain quality and moving develop new formula and continuously to product standard for customers need. In additional to, Ms. Sinpathu Hanvarkij the Model Woman of the Year 2018 ” (Women” s Examplified Award 2018) in information and communication technology. Because it has operated business along with creating benefits for society and the nation As well as participating in various activities to reward you of the land in different ways

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